Homeopathy Explained...

For moms and grandmas who want to solve chronic health issues and treat today's issues effectively at home.

I am an expert in raising kids who had emotional special needs and am committed to a husband who has struggled, like so many, with anxiety.  I used oils, supplements, teas and tinctures.  I milked goats, ground grain, made my own soap and homeschooled my anxious and allergy-ridden children.  

These things DID help.  But, with my youngest child at 20 years old we had several stubborn issues I had never been able to solve.  One biggie was my husband's anxiety.  

After he had a stroke in 2020 we put him (again) on anxiety meds.  But the side effects were debilitating.  We tried three different meds and stuck with the last one because it had fewer side effects than the others-barely.

So, when I discovered homeopathy I was skeptical at first--because I thought I had done everything.  But then, I started learning about it.  And I realized it actually was new to me for the most part.  (How had I never heard of this?!?) I decided to try it.  On my husband's anxiety. And then, on my daughter's chronic hic-ups. (Yes, there is such a thing!)

I will tell you the rest of the story in the free video below, along with a very simplified description of what homeopathy is and how it works.  

At this point, I am so invested in this approach that I am attending school to officially become a homeopathic practitioner.  And, after many hours of lectures on the topic I know much more than I did several months ago.  
But, I don't want to wait to share what I have learned.

  So, I want to invite you to watch my short video on homeopathy and see if it might be something you are interested in for your family.  Put your name and best email in the boxes below to get your free video. Then, take a look at my special invitation on the next page for you to join me to study the basics of homeopathy.  

Talk soon, Sandra
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